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Tie wear how to clip foto
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La giocatrice di pallavolo si leg i capelli all'indietro affinch non le venissero sugli occhi durante il torneo. tie sth back vtr adv (curtains: pull aside, secure) legare all'indietro vtr tie bar (bar-shaped necktie clasp) fermacravatta, fermacravatte nm tie beam (construction) ( edilizia ) catena nf.

Tie sth in (connect with sth) collegare, connettere vtr This is a great idea, but it doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the novel. I'm not sure we can tie it in. tie sth in with sth (connect sth with sth) collegare qlcs.

Alan was wearing a bow tie. Alan indossava un papillon. bow-tie (dinner, etc.: formal) ( figurato: elegante ) in giacca e cravatta elegante agg He's been invited to a bow-tie dinner. stato invitato a una cena elegante. collar and tie (dress: formal) giacca e cravatta nf.

Tie wear how to clip
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Tie - Dizionario inglese-italiano WordReference

Necktie US (tie worn around the neck) cravatta nf I won't work in an office that requires me to wear a necktie. Non voglio lavorare in un ufficio in cui obbligatorio indossare la cravatta. old school tie (British public school tie) ( Regno Unito, scuola ).

Leg il pacco con una corda. tie sth (make: a knot) allacciare, annodare, legare vtr She tied string round the giftbox. Annod una corda intorno al pacco regalo. tie sth (shoelaces: fasten) ( lacci di scarpe ) legare vtr ( scarpe ) allacciare vtr. The runner.

Il politico si dovuto dimettere perch si scoperto che aveva legami con la mafia. WordReference English-Italiano Dictionary 2019: Compound Forms/Forme composte black tie (men's formal evening wear) ( abito ) smoking nm The men had to wear black tie for the company's Christmas dinner. Gli uomini.

to wear - Tie wear how to clip video
to wear - Tie wear how to clip video

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